30 things to do at home for 30 days, during a pandemic


30 things to do at home, for 30 days – during a pandemic “This Corona Virus is mean! I can’t go out to play”. That’s what I heard a kid say the other day.

I’m sure the adults feel the same too. As human beings, we live our entire lives as part of a society and the community that we are born in shapes our identity. Socializing is an important part of human nature and is key to our survival today. So, it’s not surprising that at a time like this many of us find it difficult to stay home.

I created a list of activities we can do at home, some of which I never had the time to do before.

Here it goes: 

1) Clear digital storage and organize your folders. Open a cloud storage account if you don’t have one. Delete those apps that you never use.

2) Update social media accounts. You could write a new bio, sort your followers and friends list. You can work on that tik-tok video too.

3) Work on a hobby and post your pictures on social media. This is the time to show off your talent. If you can sew, make masks and give them to those who may need it at this time. If you can cook, share some with this who may need it.

4) Watch a movie or documentary in a foreign language. This can be educational and you will learn about other cultures.

5) Make a scrapbook. This is something I find very interesting to do. It is very personalized and you can be creative in your way.

6) Read a book. This is a good exercise for the brain. Either fiction or non-fiction, reading helps you improve your vocabulary. EBooks are good too but they require higher cognitive effort besides not being good for your eyes.

7) Pamper yourself. This is the time for a DIY pedicure, manicure or facial.

8) Call your friends, aunts, uncles, cousins or anyone that you have not kept in touch for a while.

9) Try a new recipe. If you feel like you can be an iron chef, then try a few recipes.

10) Organize your wardrobe. Sort out your clothes and rearrange them neatly. Discard those old clothes and or donate some which you do not use, to the needy.

11) Redecorate your home. Move around furniture, hang new wall art or create a new display corner.

12) Install a new language app and start learning a new language. Pick movies and documentaries in the language you want to learn and save them to watch later. Allocate an hour a day for language practice.

13) Pen those thoughts in a journal. You can rant, vent out your frustrations or write something positive.

14) Learn a new skill. Paint, cross-stitch or make a teddy bear.

15) Organize your kitchen. Create labels for your bottles and rearrange your spices. Having a well-organized kitchen saves a lot of time while cooking.

16) Write something. If you dreamt of writing a book, this is a perfect time! You can post your short essay or poem on social media and get your friends to review your work.

17) Watch a series - as many episodes as you can in a day.

18) Work on your bucket list! If you have one already, start planning for it. 19) Do your tax returns, sort out your bills and do all those outstanding financial work.

20) Make a to-do list for when the pandemic is over and you can go out again. Clothes you want to buy, coffee shops you want to try or people you want to visit.

21) Create a song playlist. You can make a list each for your home, office, drive to work, etc. 22) Play video games or other games online like scrabble.

23) Tackle a puzzle. Sudoku or crosswords are easily available online. A jigsaw puzzle would be interesting too. 

24) Shop online! Or make a list of online stores to shop from later, if you don’t plan to shop now. 25) Take online tests like the Mensa IQ tests and Myers Briggs personality.

26) Try a new workout video. There are many live videos too on social media that you could join.

27} Learn geography and history. Download a world map and learn about different countries and cultures.

28) Plan your next holiday. No tour agents necessary. Search for flights, hotels, and places of interest. Plan an itinerary and calculate costs for your trip

29) Write online reviews. Share your opinion on Amazon, Trip advisor, yelp or on other sites.

30) Make a video and upload it online. You can talk about something, create a video of you cooking or working on your hobby.

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